About The Legal Clinic

Our Mission: To ensure justice for low-income immigrants and migrants in Hawai’i, through high-quality immigration legal services, education, and advocacy.

We believe that immigrants seeking assistance with naturalization (citizenship) applications, asylum petitions, or family reunification are entitled to high quality, experienced legal assistance. No one should be denied the help of a lawyer due to their inability to pay or due to their immigration status. The Legal Clinic also stands ready to support DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) cases, and the rights of COFA (Compacts of Free Association) citizens in Hawai‘i.

Nearly one in five Hawai‘i residents is an immigrant, and over half of the state’s immigrants are naturalized U.S. citizens. Yet access to affordable or free immigration legal services is very limited.  Immigrants who fear return to their home countries due to persecution may be entitled to asylum or other legal protections, while others who are already eligible for citizenship may not know how to apply due to lack of resources and information.


  • Immigration Legal Counsel
  • US Citizenship Application and COFA Identification Assistance
  • Know Your Rights Workshops
  • Citizenship Fairs
  • Advocacy & Community Education for Immigrant Rights